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About Us

Glass Box Gardeners is a place learn about Terrascaping, Aquascaping, Wabi-Kusa, Kokedama, Terrariums, Vivariums, Ripariums, Paludariums, Emersed Growth and much much more!

Aquascaping - the craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, cavework, or driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium.

Terrascaping - Replicates natural environments, like a fish tank but out of water for example the river bank.

Terrariums - are usually sealable glass containers that can be opened for maintenance and to access the plants inside.

Vivarium - is an area, usually enclosed, for keeping and raising animals or plants for observation or research. Often, a portion of the ecosystem for a particular species is simulated on a smaller scale, with controls for environmental conditions.

Riparium - is a planted aquarium system that recreates the wet habitats found along the edges of lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

Paludarium - is a type of vivarium that incorporates both terrestrial and aquatic elements. Paludaria (or paludariums) usually consist of an enclosed container in which organisms specific to the biome being simulated are kept.

Wabi-Kusa - A celebration of the wildness and chaos of nature, and as such it is extremely seductive and inspiring The compulsive power of Wabi-kusa is undeniable.

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