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How To Build A Cerges Co2 Reactor

  1. Jason King
    Building a Cerges Co2 Reactor

    My plan






    TIP: When using ptfe tape wrap the tape the opposite way to the thread so the the tape tightens as the thread is tightened.


    i still need to add this piping and hair bun / sponge before i test it for leaks..


    Cerges CO2 Reactor - Revision 2

    Revision 2 why? because i wanted to create something that was even better at breaking down the co2 and from reports the original way can result in gas buildup.

    I've now reversed the in and out so the water and co2 come down the center tubing mix at the bottom and then up to the top of the reactor.

    Revised version 2


    I've now reversed the in and out and also added a center from a old sponge filter that's very similar to a filter intake strainer.


    also using a clear tubing instead of the white one i previously was going to use.

    The end of the strainer fitted the bottom of the filter perfect




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    Jason King
    Jason King - Administrator


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