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Planted 22 gal. long Mr. Aqua

Discussion in 'Aquarium & Aquascaping General Discussion' started by rodahl, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Jan 16, 2017
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    Glowlights are one of my enduring favourites, and one of the first fish I kept. Some varieties seem to grow quite big now but I remember them being quite diminutive, even the females.

    I might be looking through the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia. But when I first started this hobby, many many moons ago, I'm sure there were many more varieties on sale, and many of the species had more intense colouring. I think back then most must have been wild caught or at least bred in the same country they were found in. I used to work in a tropical fish wholesalers and did weekly trips to Manchester airport to pick up new stock. I think it was initially flown in from all over the tropics to a central hub in Singapore; none where sourced from the UK or Europe etc. Now many species are captive bred in Europe, which is great for conservation of wild stocks but not necessarily great for hobbyists.

    I agree with Paraguay, occasionally you can come across the odd import that turns out to be quite an exciting find. Last year I came across what was labelled as Hyphessobrycon cf. loweae, but I'm not so sure that was wholly correct since they have remained much smaller and the colouration isn't quite right. I reckon they were wild caught; they didn't know what to make of dried food at first.

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